Established international Spine rehab protocol that has helped thousands
for over two decades in Singapore

Sports Injury

At Synergy, we assist in rehabilitating athletes across a wide range of sporting activities


Release deep knots of tension in the head region, neck and shoulders.

Synergy GYM

Targeted programs such as spine health , osteoporosis and weight loss management


MedX provides objective and quantified measurements of your spine muscle strength.

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Back & Neck Pain Management

At Synergy we employ a step by step approach to help manage your low back and neck pain.

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Ergonomics program (ErgoFit)

Synergy’s ErgoFit program combines the principles of Ergonomics together with fitness

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Synergy Holistic Care

‘Holistic health’ is the modern day mantra for staying fit and staying healthy

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12 May

Preventing Pain at Workplace

– An original article by Synergy Physiotherapy and Sports for preventing low back and neck pain at workplace Many years ago, when I was a budding clinician, I encountered a couple of incidences which shaped my approach as a clinician. A middle aged lady did not report any improvement in her neck pain until her […]

12 May

Shoulder Pain in Cricket

– An original article for Singapore Cricket from Synergy Physiotherapy and Sports Pain from shoulders is common among cricketers. As a sports physiotherapist attending to the needs of cricketers, two of the more common complaints are pain from the shoulder area while bowling and throwing. Evidence from international literature covering cricket injuries identifies shoulder injury […]

12 May


Ms. Joyce Tan

I was referred to Mr. SaiRam Kumar, Physiotherapist, for my acute neck and back problems. Under his professional care and following his specific therapeutic exercises, my pain soon eased. Mr SaiRam has passion for his work and he always walks the extra mile to make sure his patient is feeling better when s/he leaves the clinic. Thank you Mr SaiRam.

Craig Watson

Sai's professionalism, experience and holistic approach to improving wellness through physiotherapy has consistently produced positive outcomes for his clients. Sai was able to accurately diagnose my sporting injury and the root cause being the result of workplace habits over an extended period. Sai was able to provide immediate pain relief for the injury in the short term and then a comprehensive strengthening program which addressed key causes of the injury. I'm very grateful for Sai's expertise and ability to rehabilitate, allowing me to continue to play the sport I love.


I was advised by my othopedic surgeon at Mount Elizabeth Hospital to seek assitance at Synergy Physiotherapy for knee pain associated with martial arts. I spoke to Sai and immediatly felt I was in good hands. My sessions with him proved to be absolutely worthwhile, he explains the procedures and treatment and answers all my questions with the friendly care and empathy one would hope for. Sai remembers what the problem is and does not hesitate to make recommendations on how to further relieve my pain. I feel Synergy would be the only place to go for any form of physical rehabilitation needs.