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Thanks for taking the time to visit Synergy Golf Performance page. If you are a Golfer, we are sure the information contained here will be helpful for you.

Whether you are a recreational or professional golfer , Synergy Golf Performance can help you in improving physical conditioning of your spine and extremities and get the best out of your swing while improving your overall golf performance.

In general, to prevent injuries and have peak Golf performance, Golfers need to have

  • Good mobility of spine and pelvis especially the rotation component
  • Strength, Stability and flexibility of spine
  • Strength and control of peripheral muscles
  • Good balance and posture
  • Prevent injuries

Synergy Golf performance uses an approach specifically designed for golfers using the same equipment chosen for the Men’s PGA and Men’s Senior PGA tour.

Components of Synergy Golf Performance

  • Balance and Posture Assessment
  • Spine Strength Assessment
  • Assessment of Range of Movement in Spine
  • Assessment of flexibility
  • Exercise prescription that is customised to the individual golfer
Flex & Strength
Strength Only
Flexibility Only
Club Head Speed
Shoulder Abduction
Hip Flexion
Hip Extension
+20 mph
+11.9 deg.
+16.3 deg.
+8 deg.
+3 mph
+1 deg.
+2.8 deg
+3.4 deg.
+5.4 mph
+13.5 deg.
+13.5 deg.

Golf Fitness Program by MedX

The MedX Stretch works on every part of your ody that moves while playing Golf resulting in

  • – Improved posture
  • – Better trunk rotation and swing characteristics
  • – Reduce rate of injuries
  • – Improved club head speed

The following results were demonstrated by Wayne Westcott, Ph.D., and John R. Parziale, MD
(December 1997 industry journal Fitness Management) on recreational golfers using MedX Stretch-type flexibility exercises and
MedX-style circuit strength training.

One of machines that are part of Synergy Golf Performance program is the one-of-a-kind MedX Stretch machine that enables the user
to perform six different stretches.

Why Synergy Golf Performance?

  • Conveniently located opposite King Albert Park MRT
  • Experienced in assisting both recreational and professional golfers
  • Spacious studio overlooking lush greenery for exclusive training
  • Following Internationally accepted protocols for golf performance training
  • Individual and group circuit training available

If you are keen to know more about Synergy Golf Performance, call us to schedule a visit or talk to our Physiotherapists – 64630905

Happy Golfing!