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Low back pain physiotherapy Singapore

Low Back Pain and Neck Pain Physiotherapy

Low back and neck pain are common musculoskeletal ailments in the population. The goals of physiotherapy treatment are to decrease pain, increase function, and strengthen muscles of the spine to prevent future recurrence. At Synergy, we take extra care to educate our clients on preventing recurring back and neck pain. Synergy Physiotherapy is well equipped in dealing with both acute and chronic back /neck pain situations. We employ electro pain relief modalities, manual and heat therapy to reduce pain. Our core focus is based on an active exercise regime that combines strengthening muscles of the spine and stabilizing it.

Sports injury management

At Synergy, we assist in rehabilitating athletes across a wide range of sporting activities. We understand and connect with the athletes well as we ourselves indulge in the pleasure of sports. We have strong experience in dealing with injuries pertaining to soccer, cricket, tennis, rugby, golf, running and triathlon. Right from helping to reduce the pain to returning the athlete back to competitive sports, Synergy will employ safe and supervised exercise programs. We employ functional kinetic link training to assist the athlete back to his or her sport. We have years of experience in assisting athletes following ligament reconstructions, post-fractures etc.We provide physiotherapy for ankle sprain.

Ankle Sprain Physiotherapy Singapore
Neck pain physiotherapy

Ergonomics program (ErgoFit)

Synergy’s ErgoFit program combines the principles of Ergonomics (safe work practices) together with physical fitness activities right in the comfort of your workplace. This much sought after program not only improves workplace health but additionally has the potential to increase productivity. The components of the program include health education, creative redesigning of work environment and exercises customized to the demographic profile and needs of the organization.

Neurological Rehabilitation and Geriatric Exercise Program

Synergy’s Neurological and Geriatric Exercise Management Programme aims to improve mobility function and quality of life in seniors afflicted with medical conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’ and functional decline.

The program centres around exercises tailor made to prevent falls, improve flexibility, strength, balance, cardio-vascular endurance, gait and activities of daily living (ADL) in the elderly. We provide Physiotherapy , Speech therapy and Occupational Therapy in the area of Geriatrics and Neurological care.

Neurological Rehabilitation