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We are in the midst of a wellness revolution in Singapore. To stay fit, people adopt various activities and going to a gym is common practice. In general there are supervised and unsupervised gym exercise sessions. During unsupervised gym activities, individuals may not be aware of what types of exercises are suitable for them and to what level or load they can perform safely. As a consequence, individuals may end up sustaining training injuries at the gym. This is contradictory to the concept of wellness.

In contrast, supervised exercises enhance safety and impart effectiveness into the exercises with the right input of speed and dosage into your exercise regime.

As everyone is unique, activities need to be designed specifically to his or her requirements. For example, people choose gyms to work out to improve their aerobic fitness, counter osteoporosis, improve strength and balance of the lower extremities, improve sports performance or just improve core muscles. People belonging to various age groups have different objectives as to why they go to the gyms. There are many gyms in the market that offer just machines and exercise activities without actually catering to the specific needs of the individual.


What Synergy Wellness Gym offers

  • Supervised exercises designed to the needs and ability of the individual
  • Convenient location right opposite King Albert Park MRT
  • MedX Spine health systems for back and neck wellness
  • Health education classes
  • Exercises designed by physiotherapists
  • Spacious, calm and private environment overlooking lush greenery.
  • Targeted programs such as spine health , osteoporosis and weight loss management
  • Corporate wellness classes


Synergy Wellness Gym is part of Synergy Holistic Health which includes Pilates Mat Exercises and Hatha Yoga.


Please call us at 64630905 if you have a specific question or to discuss your exercise requirement. Get started with Synergy Wellness!

We are located conveniently at 03-04, Sime Darby Centre, 896, Dunearn Road, Singapore – 589472