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What we offer:

Diet Therapy for Health

Good nutrition is an essential part of wellbeing. Our diet consultation helps you understand your dietary habits and requirements, and device a plan to achieve your desired weight and nutrition goal.


Our Nutritionist Profile:

Vaishali is an Accredited Nutritionist of Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association as well as a Clinical Dietician from Indian Dietetic Association. She has also done Specialist Diploma in Nutrition and Health Promotion from Singapore Polytechnic. She has over 15 years of work experience in nutrition and food service and has volunteered with Singapore International Foundation in the Community Nutrition for Parikrama Humanity Foundation Project.

Vaishali has provided her expertise to promote good health by conducting nutrition talks and diet counselling for corporate and schools. Have executed many nutrition workshops to help facilitate dietary changes to improve health and wellness for community. Skilled in assisting clients to improve their health through diet planning.

She is passionate about nutrition and believes healthy diets and physical activity are key to good nutrition and necessary for a long and healthy life.


Service offered:

Synergy Nutrition Management offers one on one sessions for all of your nutritional needs. During the first session we’ll assess your current health and nutrition status by discussing your medical history, diet history, physical activity habits, eating behaviors, and usual food patterns and preferences.

You will leave our office with a plan that we design together, to get you started on your way to a healthy lifestyle.  Follow-up appointments allow us to tweak things as needed and keep you accountable and focused.  You will also receive support via email and what’s app as well as feedback on your food intake, as needed, in between appointments.


We offer Nutrition Advice for following ailments:

  • Diabetes Management
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Blood Pressure
  • Lipid/ High Cholesterol
  • Pediatric nutrition
  • Geriatrics
  • Iron deficiency
  • Osteoporosis
  • Weight management

What you can expect:

  • Weight loss Body Shaping
  • Improvement in overall Health and fitness
  • Improvement in Medical & Biochemical Parameters
  • Relief from aches & pain

Planning to lose weight is a good move as it opens the doors to a healthier, stronger and more beautiful YOU!

Synergy Nutrifit Weight-loss Program is based on scientific principles, delivering weight loss as per individual needs, health status and body composition.


Synergy Nutrifit Weight Loss Programme:

Weight loss program under the guidance of allied health professional

such as physiotherapist Balachandran Sai Ram Kumar, accredited nutritionist

Vaishali Modiand certified fitness trainer Garima Malik for individuals who are

interested to begintheir journey to weight loss.

Many patients at Synergy find themselves needing Physical Therapy to rehabilitate an existing injury. By combining the professional expertise of our Physical Therapists with a proper diet plan from our nutritionist, we can help speed your recovery time while decreasing inflammation and providing your body with all the nutrients it requires. A proper diet can aid in creating strong and healthy muscle tissue post injury and help to decrease the chances of being re-injured.

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