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Postnatal Physiotherapy:

Women’s body goes through a lot of changes throughout the pregnancy. Post-delivery it is expected that the body changes back to its previous state on its own. This process is aided and eased by a physiotherapist who is has the necessary knowledge and expertise to expedite the process

Most common experienced post pregnancy problems are:

  • Back pain (due to pubic symphysis, sacroiliac joint pain, sciatica, diastasis recti)
  • Bowel/ bladder issues
  • Pelvic floor issues
  • Dequervains (pain around the thumb and the wrist)
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (pins and needles in the hands)


Other problems may include:

  • Weight gain
  • Reduced muscular strength and endurance


How will our physiotherapy treatment help you?

Physiotherapy pain relief for all musculoskeletal issues

Pelvic floor exercises- retrain your pelvic floor muscles

Corrective exercises- exercises to correct dysfunctional movement patterns causing pain

MedX exercises- helps in increasing measurable strength and endurance of spinal muscles

Pilates- safe and effective rehabilitation Pilates by physiotherapists to strengthen your core muscles

Ergonomic training and advice

Synergy physiotherapy and Sports will be one place that could

solve all your problems!

Physiotherapy Pilates:

Pilates has become a synonym for core exercises!

It is a core exercise program that could also be used to address other areas of your body. Exercises can be done even if you back, neck, knee, shoulder, hip, ankle pain etc. you can also continue these exercises after sports injuries, post-operative conditions, pre natal or post natal or Osteoporosis

Why should you choose Pilates at Synergy over any other Pilates studio?

At Synergy, Pilates is taught by physiotherapists. So you can continue with your exercises even when you have pain as we can help you address your pain before the session. Also exercises can be safely modified to accommodate your pain and still continue strengthening.

Pilates at Synergy can be done safely by any age group.

Only at Synergy you can combine a Pilates session with State of Art MedX exercises for the spine. It can not only help you to increase your spinal muscles strength but also can provide you with objective strength measurements

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