Bukit Timah Branch: 03-04, Sime Darby Centre 896, Dunearn Road Singapore – 589472
Phone : 64630905

East Coast Branch: 46, East Coast Road, 07-03 East Gate @ Katong Singapore – 428766
Phone : 62822572

Raffles Branch: The Medical Practice, 1 Raffles Link #01-03A, Singapore – 039393

Hand phone: 90050135
Email – physio@synergyphysio.com.sg

Physiotherapists have detailed knowledge of how the body works and have an in-depth knowledge of patho – physiology and methods of treatment and use evidence based research to design safe and effective tailor made exercise programs.

An initial baseline assessment is very important to identify any pain, posture, problem areas and strength. This will be the foundation for the selection of exercises.

It can be done for any age group- men/women and modified to manage any type of pain and limitation affecting the back , neck, knees and shoulders.

Pilates’ workout can be done for:

• Pre and post pregnancy
• Post-surgical rehabilitation
• Osteoporosis
• Postural care
• Sports injuries
• Occupational injuries

Pilates’ exercises will:

• Create understanding the core muscles and activating them.
• Gradual increase in the strength and flexibility of the core musculature with the help of the reformer
• Awareness of correct lumbo-pelvic alignment and activating of the key lumbo-pelvic stabilising muscles
• Correct ribcage/thoracic positioning
• Working on Scapulo-thoracic stabilisation
• Deep neck flexor activation and retraining to stabilise the cervical spine

At Synergy we can integrate Med X with Pilates to give you a complete rehabilitation of the spine. Our therapist is certified under the New York based Pilates Academy International (PAI) in reformer.               

Class booking: Call @ 64630905.