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Synergy Outpatient Neurological Rehabilitation

Synergy outpatient neurological rehabilitation program aim to support individuals, adults and elderly who require skilled intervention of a physiotherapist and occupational therapist after discharge from hospital and or with neurological illness or injury.  Our Therapists perform a thorough evaluation to assess pain induced dysfunction, physical impairments and functional limitations due to deficits in strength, mobility and balance.

Therapy program range from one hour individual session to half a day rehabilitation program.Each session of physiotherapy includes subjective/objective assessment,exercise management, performance assessment and review and exercise prescription for follow up at home.Day rehabilitation of two to four hours sessions are available for those who needs fitness exercises, functional retraining and meaningful activities engagement. Our day rehabilitation helps those stroke survivors who require individual exercise program and reeducation /refining learned skills with activities engagement.

Our Therapists work with you one on one for the course of your treatment monitoring your progress and adjusting your Therapy interventions as needed to meet your goals.Synergy, with its expertise in managing musculoskeletal injuries compliments outpatient neurological rehabilitation by providing interventions for such injuries among adults and elderly with neurological conditions.

Our post stroke rehabilitation program emphasis on movements facilitation and reeducation through Neuro Developmental Treatment (NDT) techniques by NDT Certified Therapists. We emphasis on carefully directed, well focused, repetitive practice, reeducating lost movement patterns, improving strength and balance. We train our outpatients to reacquire the ability to carry out basic activities of daily living (BADL) and then progress on to achieve instrumental activities of daily living (IADL).

Our Parkinson’s exercise management program aims to maintain and improve physical function through exercises and movement strategies to improve mobility, correct and improve abnormal movement patterns and posture, maximize muscle strength and joint flexibility , improve  balance and  minimize risk of falls. Our exercise program improves your skills to perform your everyday activities with ease and satisfaction.

Falls management program at synergy focus on strength and balance training, prevention strategies and fall recovery technique sand self-management skills. A comprehensive assessment, training and evaluation in a holistic approach is available under this program that intervene, manage, prevent and prepare our patients minimizing risk of fall and perform well during their daily living activities.

Fitness and strength training exercise programs are available for those with functional decline as part of active and graceful ageing and geriatric exercise management aiming for improved strength, balance and functional mobility.


Who can Benefit:

Adults and Elderly with recent onset of neurological conditions who may require follow up rehabilitation after their discharge from Hospitals.

Community Living Adults and Elderly who requires consultation on exercise management and Independent Living.

Caregivers who may require consultation and training in assisting elderly during physical handling and exercise at home.

Elderly/Seniors who may require physiotherapy and social interaction through our half a day program.

Adults and Elderly who may wish to enroll in our fitness consultation and training..

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